Usage instructions PredstaVit

Usage instructions capsules PredstaVit

Capsules Predstavit are of high quality. In them the basis of a unique formula that was developed over several years. The drug has proven itself in Germany. Regular use of this capsule suppress inflammation, normalize urination, increase the duration of intercourse and intensify orgasms. Predstavit passed numerous clinical studies and received the necessary certificates of quality and compliance.

Indications for use

How to take the capsules PredstaVit
  • Comprehensive treatment of chronic prostatitis.
  • Prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • With the weakening of potency.
  • Prevention of prostate diseases.


In the capsules Predstavit includes a huge number of various components that do not harm the organism and does not provoke allergic reactions. Contraindications include only individual intolerance of some components and chronic diseases in acute form.

How to use

The scheme of taking the medicine is very simple. Capsules should be taken daily 1-2 capsules during a meal. Capsules cannot be split or opened. For optimal results you must go through months of treatment. And after 30 days to fix the result, the treatment should be repeated.

In the prevention of diseases of the prostate, the drug is repeated every six months.